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MSI Real Estate Development Merwedekanaalzone Utrecht (NL)

MSI Real Estate Development (MRED) has transferred its land position to a developer of the Merwedekanaalzone in Utrecht (NL).

The Merwedekanaalzone will change from a business park into a lively part of Utrecht in the coming years.

There will be a mix of (social) rental and owner-occupied homes for starters, families, the elderly and single people. In a healthy and sustainable environment with many green zones. There will also be shops, catering, employment, schools and healthcare for the new and current residents of the city.

Unique in Utrecht: living within walking distance of the ancient city center, in the middle of the green Merwede Canal Zone. Surrounded by nature, water and excellent exit roads. The new residential area stands for the perfect balance between 'peace and bustle'. A place to completely relax, in the modern houses, the inner gardens and the green park, but also to celebrate life and go on urban adventures.


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