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MSI Opportunity Partners and Laméris Group enter into a joint venture to launch ‘Laméris Easy Care’

Laméris has been a highly specialized supplier of both equipment and systems for ophthalmic practices and operating rooms in hospitals for many years. The range contains only renowned (A) brands. They have their own service organization, provide product training and are authorized to certify the staff of their customers.

They provide a bespoke solution that best suits your needs. From advice for an interior to maintenance of your equipment. It is now added that customers can make use of highly flexible financing solutions, called: ‘Laméris Easy Care’.

The Easy Care solution can be structured on applicant's balance sheet, but also on the recorded use of disposables for specific treatments.

The length of the term of use is also flexible. Which makes it suitable to accommodate short-term unexpected demand. Redundant and/or dated equipment can be taken and/or exchanged for the latest version.

Easy Care guarantees and provides the possibility at any time to have access and availability about that equipment and facilities that exactly matches the need.

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