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MSI Opportunity Partners enters into a strategic partnership with MPC Parking

MPC Parking is a producer and turnkey supplier of a unique, patented and modular parking garage concept.

Special is that the garage is entirely constructed from aluminum elements.

The construction method of aluminum has, besides considerable weight advantages, a shorter construction time, no need for a heavy foundation and can even be used as a 'floating garage' on the water.

Maximum flexibility is also achieved through the use of standard components.

This means that an existing garage can easily be expanded, reduced and even moved. Both the roof and the facade can be used for several purposes. Parking is of course an option. A sports field, a green area or solar panels is also possible. The facade is very suitable for commercial purposes and advertising.

In addition to offering various financing options, MSI will contribute to the further international expansion of MPC. Specifically for this purpose, two experienced entrepreneurs from the MSI network will join MPC Parking's international advisory board. MPC currently has a head office in Germany (Hemer) and a branch in the Netherlands (Leiderdorp).

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