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  Our Portfolio - Who are our Clients
               What do the say about us

Please find below a small sample of our past and present clients, read what they say about us and decide for yourself if MSI Opportunity Partners is the right fit for you.

MSI has has a strong background in retail and franchise businesses, but you will find our clients in almost every conceivable sector. From financial to agriculture and from small family businesses to AEX listed multinationals.




Unique in Utrecht: living within walking distance of the centuries-old city center, in the middle of the green Merwedekanaal zone. Surrounded by nature, water and arterial roads. That is what living in De Nieuwe Defense is like.


The new residential area represents the perfect balance between peace and bustle. A place to completely relax, in the modern homes, the courtyard gardens and the green park, but also to celebrate life and go on urban adventures.



Since February 2021, the Dutch Mississippi Ventures and Parcom have owned HEMA. In the coming years they will invest in stores and online to achieve the same customer experience everywhere. The focus is on the core countries: the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and France.

Thomas Parauer, Head of Finance & Business Control Central Europe FC
“With MSI's financial commitment, we have been able to execute our growth strategy. Its international network has accelerated our business and interlinked us to new geographic areas and customer groups"
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