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MSI News

MSI has established a new fund aimed at healthcare providers, suppliers of medical products and service providers. The funds have been raised from the founders, existing investors and affiliated family offices.

The new fund focuses on established, profitable companies with their headquarters in the Benelux, Switzerland and/or have activities in the Dutch ABC islands. This could include care providers themselves, but also companies that provide medical products. We also like to invest in so-called CRO's, companies that do research for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device industries at a very specialized level.

As of Juli 1, 2018 the MSI Group will broaden its portfolio in financial services by setting up a new product group in Asset Based Finance Solutions.

MSI-ABF supports you with solutions for working capital, lease and liquidity. The new entity has a wealth of experience in solving and optimizing working capital issues within highly diverse organisations. The services include analyzing situations, needs and goals, providing advice with well-founded calculation models up to and including requesting, selecting and mediating in working capital.

MSI Opportunity Partners has developed and remodelled a heritage listed building into a high end luxurious complex for lease to expatriates. The condo’s are fully equipped with all conveniences and conceivable facilities. The complex is located in the town center near the famous Utrecht Dom Church. Future inhabitants will fully enjoy all the amenities that this beautiful city has to offer.

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