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Updated: Dec 26, 2020

In the historic 'Maliekwartier' of the city of Utrecht a classical mansion from the end of the 19th century is being redeveloped into a residential care location.

The offices that entered the building in the 1960s are transformed to 25 spacious residential care apartments between 34 and 71 m2.

The entire building is tailored to the mobility and care needs of the elderly. During the redevelopment, various high-tech innovative technologies and concepts are applied in the field of elderly and dementia care. This is to make the complex a 'lifelong proof place' to live with customized care.

MSI Real Estate Finance (MREF) provides an asset-backed bridging facility for the expansion as well as an upgrade of the existing facilities. The expansion realizes the right scale to be able to operate profitably. An upgrade and addition of new amenities meets the high standards of today's modern traveler.

MREF is positive about the future development of Bonaire. Preferably invests in projects that contribute to this further development and the quality level of the tourism industry.

Updated: Dec 27, 2020

MSI Real Estate Development (MRED) has started with the (re) development of real estate projects in the historic Pietermaai district on Curaçao. MRED focuses primarily on complex projects in inner-city areas, where vacant buildings are transformed into homes or made suitable for business activities.

The underlying principle in MRED's projects is that in addition to the interests of investors, the public interest is also served. This translates into the development of good living facilities, livable neighborhoods and the activation of dilapidated buildings and derelict sites.

MRED works for its own account and risk and sells the projects after the development process to investors or consumers.

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